Software Development, Enterprise Application Integration & Development Services, Mobile Application Services, I.T Marketing Services, Web Development. Zancletech Technology is a customized software development company with expertise in developing scalable software applications, business software and automation software.

Our Products

Zancletech IT Services follows an out of the box approach. We believe in building products as per the market needs. Our mission is to make products which can be useful for our users and keep them enaged in a fun way. There are several products which have been developed as per the client requirement and few are in the beta phase.

Quick Resume

This new Resume-Maker is an Android application resume pane that lets fresher generate their bio-data quickly to make it easy for them to acquire industry jobs they wish to get. Get your hands on to this new resume panel based on android application without killing your time on formatting your resume. Just fill-up your required details in easy steps in a fraction of second. Fill-up your details with radical and awesome templates.

Brain Teaser

Let your friends know how awesome you are! Guess the number thought by them and leave them astonished. This is how it works, your friend will think of a number without sharing it with you. By few steps tell him the number which he thought of. What you will be left with is a friend who would be amused by your magical skills.


Spell Up

Spell Up is an Android puzzle game that tests your ability to spell a word. Can you spell faster than your friends? Only one way to find out! To play this game with friends, you must sign in with Google and enjoy the Game.

Document Management System

Create a Web application for managing electronic documents and a scanning interface to easy scanning directly in Document management System.
• The application keep a record of all actions in the system for auditing.
• Scan application allows scanning documents and display on the screen to enter data into the fields.
• You can globally configure the connection to LDAP (active directory) for validation of users in the event that there is a platform to do it. If not, users management will be driven by document.


Find IT

• The Android application will allow to make the survey and take all metadata to a census and send to a server, so all information is updated in real time.
• This Application track the location and send to server.


Love photos!!!...Let’s explore what all we can do with Clik’O’Mania.
Clik’O’Mania is a simple & instant way to socialize your Photo and get famous.
Check out how you can become the top trending face while having fun with your Photos.
Let others see what you can do with your Photos. Be a Clik’O’Maniac!!!



GYPSU: GYPSU is an e-commerce platform. It is an online shopping portal with various new implementations and ideas. Customers can buy products online and the delivery is made in a very short span of time.


NopalDash: Nopaldash is a social platform where users can login to all the social networking websites through a single dashboard.
This platform is B2B and B2C both.